Gayatri Wellness - Sustainability: Stewardship of the Future
Gayatri Mantra (GUY-ah-tree)
One of the most known and beneficial of the ancient Sanskrit mantras. Gayatri is a mantra of physical, emotional, and mental healing, purifying the subtle karmas, protection from the onslaught of obstacles, and of spiritual awakening or Self-realization. 

Gayatri Wellness promotes and assists the community with achieving sustainable lifestyles through cooking events, yoga classes, an online Co-Op and local events. We believe in connecting with those who are around us to live life to the highest potential.  Stay in touch with us to get involved in a wide range of events.  We invite all to try a yoga class taught by Lucine, whether it is your first yoga class or you are a teacher looking to support a personal practice.  We encourage all to shop at local farmers markets, and to get to know your farmers, neighbors, and community members. We want organizations and individuals buying food locally and continue to be a vital segment in our local food system. Follow us on Facebook to receive the latest updates and check back into the website to find extra information on events!




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